I love to take pictures of people, whether it’s portraits or candid moments and happy life events.

I want everyone who steps in front of my camera to feel relaxed and comfortable, and to leave with photos that make them feel confident and amazing about themselves. I know that having your picture taken can be scary. I hate having mine taken too, it can feel so awkward and uncomfortable. But I promise to take the time to put you at ease and guide you through it.

I live in Clapham with a cat called Silver who has appointed herself my studio manager and is a great stand in when I need to test my lights (everything has to be just purrrfect!)  

I also love to travel, as you will see in my photo blog, and of course I love to photograph as I travel, especially people. Put me in a market place anywhere in the world and I could spend hours shooting (with a little shopping time included too!) I really believe that you can see so much in a person’s face, their hopes, feelings, strength and personality and for me to be able to capture that is such an honour.

Thank you for taking the time to look around my site, if you like my work and are interested in working with me please get in touch.


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