Sarah is awesome. She has a great skill to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera whilst capturing your best shots.

Debbie Suttle, Mastercard

Brand Photography to make you feel confident

Welcome to Sarah Wills Photography. I am a London based brand photographer and I help business owners feel confident and stand out from the crowd. Your brand photos and headshots should reflect your unique personality, giving you the confidence to promote yourself and your business.

Having your photo taken can be scary. It’s often awkward and uncomfortable, you want to get the photos that make your brand come to life, but nerves and lack of confidence can get in the way. I know exactly how this feels. That’s why I want you to have photos that make you feel really good about yourself: relaxed, comfortable and confident! Ready to show the world how amazing you and your brand are. I spend time getting to know you and putting you at ease in front of the camera so that you have photos that make you feel amazing and showcase your brand.

What is brand photography? And why do I need it?

Brand photography is a set of images that showcase your personality and your brand. You know how important it is to know your clients, it’s just as important that your clients know you. People want to work with people they know and brand photography shows the real person behind your business.

As your brand photographer I will work with you to create a set of beautiful images that you can use for your website, social media and marketing. Giving you the confidence to making you, and your brand more visible.

A great set of brand photos will:

  • Reflect your personality and your brand
  • Empower you – having photos that you feel great about will give you the confidence to become more visible
  • Allow your clients to get to know you
  • Give you a cohesive set of images to use for your website, social media and marketing material
  • Attract more quality and professional leads and customers

A great photographer will:

  • Make you feel so relaxed you’ll forget the camera is there!
  • Get you feeling totally comfy, ready to work your magic
  • Get to know you so that it doesn’t feel like a photo session. Like having coffee with a friend and there just happens to be a camera there

Sarah has been very kind and professional. She made me feel at ease and guided me very well to produce the best possible output from the session. I was camera shy and didn’t have any experience with posing for pictures , but Sarah has very kindly helped me every step of the way.

Ramakrishna Manne

About me

I love to take pictures of people and I want everyone who steps in front of my camera to feel relaxed and comfortable. I spent years hiding behind the camera, but once I faced my fear (for the photo on the right) I realised that it doesn’t have to be scary, in fact it can even be quite empowering!

I live in Clapham, London with a cat called Silver who has appointed herself my studio manager and is a great stand in when I need to test my lights – everything has to be just purrrfect (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun!)

I also love to travel, and of course I love to photograph along the way, especially the people I meet. Put me in a market place anywhere in the world and I could spend hours shooting (with a little shopping time included too!)

I really believe that you can see so much in a person’s face, their hopes, feelings, strength and personality and for me to be able to capture that is such an honour.

Sarah x

Having pictures taken can be a brutally honest and exposing experience, however Sarah instantly put me at ease, with a friendly smile and warm nature. She was collaborative and enthusiastic with ideas before the photo shoot, whilst giving me encouraging feedback and suggestions both outside on location and in her studio.

Having worked behind the camera as a hairstylist on many photo shoots myself and having paid a lot for that privilege, I can confidently say Sarah is very good value, very professional and very talented.

Luke Gregory