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London Brand Shoot with Dr Jennifer Jones, Speaker, Author and Writing Coach

London is such a great backdrop for a personal brand shoot. There are so many great locations, from iconic London sites and bustling streets to hidden gems and beautiful green spaces. There is something for everyone. And even though I have called London my home for over 15 years I’m always discovering new spots with my clients. I’m a big believer that shoot locations … Read More London Brand Shoot with Dr Jennifer Jones, Speaker, Author and Writing Coach


Brand Shoot with Jules

During the first lock down I was lucky enough to connect with the lovely Jules from Running Rewire. Jules is a running technique and fitness coach and I responded to her Instagram post looking for people to take part in her ‘Faster 5km 8 week Challenge’. Little did I know when I signed up that she lived just down the road from me and … Read More Brand Shoot with Jules


How to choose the right outfit for your photoshoot

You’ve booked your brand shoot and now you need to choose the what to wear. The right outfit can inspire us to feel more confident and ready to face the world. It also tells the viewer a little bit about your personality and who we are. Finding the right outfit that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident in front of the camera … Read More How to choose the right outfit for your photoshoot

+ Portrait of a Tailor, Travel Photography Guwahati Assam

Shades of blue

This photograph was taken in Guwahati, Assam back in April 2019.  It was early evening and we were out for a stroll, the streets were busy and lined with small shops and stalls.  I love to capture portraits of street sellers and this tailor was happy to take a moment and pose for me.  I love the many shades of blue the neat stacks … Read More Shades of blue

+ Temple, Bagan, Myanmar. Travel Photography

Nap time, Bagan

It’s typical that when you don’t have your camera with you there arises a perfect photo opportunity! The photo below is a perfect example of this. We were exploring one of many magnificent temples in Bagan, Myanmar and turned a corner to find a man reclining on a chair for his afternoon nap. Taken quickly on my iPhone I just love the moment this … Read More Nap time, Bagan

+ travel photography Italy

Driver, Italy

With more time on my hands I have been reminiscing on past travels, so I thought I would dedicate some time to sorting through several years(!) of travel photography, and spend the next few blogs sharing my favourites with you. I love capturing portraits while I travel and this was taken a few years ago in Amalfi. I love this mans face, it excuses so … Read More Driver, Italy

+ Motorbike portrait photography

Biker Portraits

As you may know I love photographing portraits and this particular client wanted some photographs to incorporate his motorbiking hobby.


What to wear – Headshots

What to wear for your corporate headshot – tips from a headshot photographer.

+ Alex Marwood's cat

Reflections on 2019

As we enter into 2020 and a new decade(!) I have found myself reflecting on the last 12 months.  2019 was quite a year for me both personally and professionally.  I was fortunate to take 3 months out to travel, exploring south east Asia, visiting 8 countries and 37 different places in 90 days!


Lotus Weavers of Lake Inle

In June my travels took me to Lake Inle, Myanmar and a small village of lotus weavers.  Lotus plants are plentiful on Lake Inle and the women weave the fibres in to beautiful fabric.  Here are some photographs of the weavers at work…


Fish seller | Guwahati | Assam

 I love photographing people when I travel, so exploring the market places in Guwahati was a perfect place to do this.


Sivadol | Sivasagar | Assam

One of my favourite photographs, taken in Sivadol, the temple of Shiva, Sivasagar, Assam.