The most common question that come’s up when I get booked for a headshot is ‘what should I wear?’ So below are a few guidelines to help…

  1. Block colours are good, but avoid white if your headshot is going to be on a white background.  Avoid patterns that are too busy – the focus should be you, not the clothes!
  2. Think about what you feel comfortable and confident in.  What makes you feel good? What colour suits your skin tone?  If you feel good and confident this will be reflected in your headshot.
  3. Can’t decide?  It’s ok to bring a few options, we can discuss what would work best in front of the camera, or we can try a few different outfit changes.
  4. Layers – bring a jacket that goes with your outfit, it’s a good way to smarten your look easily.
  5. Think about what’s appropriate – if you’re using your headshot for a corporate website or LinkedIn profile choose an outfit you would usually wear in the work place or to meet clients.  If it’s more of a lifestyle shoot, think about what you usually like to wear and feel good in. Be yourself!
  6. Make sure your clothes are nicely pressed and ironed
  7. Jewellery should compliment the outfit, not dominate the photo.
  8. Glasses – if you wear glasses I always think it’s a good idea to include these in some of your headshots. So bring them with you, give them a shine and we can do some shots with and without so that you have both options.
  9. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel good and makes you feel confident!

For more examples of my work click here for corporate headshots or click here for personal portraits.

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