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+ Motorbike portrait photography

Biker Portraits

As you may know I love photographing portraits and this particular client wanted some photographs to incorporate his motorbiking hobby.


What to wear – Headshots

What to wear for your corporate headshot – tips from a headshot photographer.

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Reflections on 2019

As we enter into 2020 and a new decade(!) I have found myself reflecting on the last 12 months.  2019 was quite a year for me both personally and professionally.  I was fortunate to take 3 months out to travel, exploring south east Asia, visiting 8 countries and 37 different places in 90 days!


Lotus Weavers of Lake Inle

In June my travels took me to Lake Inle, Myanmar and a small village of lotus weavers.  Lotus plants are plentiful on Lake Inle and the women weave the fibres in to beautiful fabric.  Here are some photographs of the weavers at work…


Fish seller | Guwahati | Assam

 I love photographing people when I travel, so exploring the market places in Guwahati was a perfect place to do this.


Sivadol | Sivasagar | Assam

One of my favourite photographs, taken in Sivadol, the temple of Shiva, Sivasagar, Assam.


Night market – Sivasagar

I love a market, and not just for the shopping opportunities! They give you an opportunity for some great photos. So I was very excited to stumble across a night market in Sivasagar. Sivasagar is a small town located in central Assam, In the 1700’s it was the capital of Assam in the Ahom era. Full of old temples (photos to follow later) it … Read More Night market – Sivasagar


Sun, sea and pets in prams – street photography in Margate

Street photography in Margate


Street life, Kolkata

Kolkata, January 2018. One of my favourite cities in India, and a great place to take a walk and explore with my camera…




Sunset, sea and selfies, Mumbai

Beauty underground, Cheddar Caves